Quality Practices

  • We monitor Construction schedules, cost progress and quality while providing support services such as instruction as classification to contractors as required.
  • To minimize the negative impact on a building during construction and post-construction, Designers’ guild ensures proper warranty, field tests and other relevant documents to be obtained or provided by the Contractors.
  • We respect details from drawings to standardized building code (NBC) & is code of practices, we examine initial findings using variety of filters to a validate our recommendations.

Green Building & MEP

We, at Designers’ Guild in close association with our specialised consultants offer detailed mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) services with respect to shop drawings, various engineering drawings as well as Bill of Quantities (BOQ) required for Tendering purposes and Cost Estimates.

A well-established Facility Management support system with respect to (MEP) & green Building Services through our specialized consultants play a major role in sustainable optimum design and installation of MEP systems that are essential to the smooth operation of any building and can have an impact on Energy Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness.

Services We Provide

Green Building

  • Green Rating Consultancy
  • LEED Rating Facilitation
  • Griha Rating Facilitation
  • Green Interiors Services
  • CFD simulation
  • Energy simulation
  • System optimisation (New Building)
  • Solar PV Engineering
  • Lighting design Solution
  • HVAC System optimisation
  • Training and Development for energy systems and energy software in Green Building.
  • Electrical & plumbing designs in Green Building.

Electrical Services

  • Detail Project Report (DPR) for large scale projects
  • SLD drawings, circuit drawings for Power Lighting, data-voice layouts
  • Lighting design solutions with proper Lux calculation
  • Bill of Quantities (BOQ) & Cost estimates for Tendering purposes
  • HT & LT cable line including Transformers Load Calculation report
  • Electrical Panel design
  • Solar PV & Street light Engineering
  • System Integration with respect to advanced online UPS system

Plumbing Services

  • Detailed Engineering drawings & DPR for Large scale projects
  • Internal & External Plumbing drawings including sewage lines
  • Soil waste and vent system
  • DTW & Rain Water Harvesting (RWH) system
  • Storm Water drains & ground discharge calculations
  • Sanitary ware installations & layout arrangements

Mechanical Services

  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning
  • ETP & STP design and mechanism
  • Smoke extract ventilation
  • Fire Suppression and Detection system

Computer Aided Design

The firm has a number of the latest range of desktop and laptop computers in-house, with AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, 3DS Max, Maya, Lumion, Rhino, MS-Office and MS-Project software packages. In-house development of a number of application software packages has already been achieved. Among these are software for:

  • Static & dynamic analysis of 2-D /3-D frames including flat slab frames
  • Continuous beams
  • Analysis of plates with concentrated or strip loads
  • Analysis of raft foundations with Hetyeni’s closed solution
  • Bridge deck analysis using Bakht-Jaeger method
  • Analysis of abutment and pier well foundations
  • Analysis of pile groups
  • Circular RCC tanks
  • Hyperbolic paraboloid shells
  • Analysis of sewer networks (circular pipes flowing partially full)
  • Yield line analysis of slabs
  • Isolated footings
  • Combined footings
  • Gable end frames
  • Plane trusses
  • Quantity estimates
  • Comparative statements of tenders
  • Measurement of works (measurement book)
  • Contractors’ bills
  • Analysis of rates

Engineering design and documentation work in respect of tender/bid documents, specifications and the like are done entirely by computer. Architectural and engineering drawings are also generated by computer using AUTOCAD and CAD 3D, the electronic drafting computer software packages. Project scheduling and monitoring is done by means of Microsoft Project software.